Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Most Interesting Man in the World: Best Advertising Campaign Ever?

This is quite possibly the greatest advertising campaign I have ever seen. Or, at the very least, one of the best to come along in a while. Dos Equis, the Mexican beer company, has this suave older man (the most interesting man in the world) always surrounded by attractive women, give tips on life, the universe, and everything. This is how you sell stuff:

The most interesting man in the world on pick up lines:

The most interesting man in the world on rollerblading:

The most interesting man in the world on the two-party system:

The most interesting man in the world on packages:

The most interesting man in the world on mixed nuts:

The most interesting man in the world on himself:

Some more background on the most interesting man in the world:

That was a lot of Mexican beer commercials. I'll have to post more later. Let me know what you thought. Maybe I'm alone in my appreciation for this commercial series. I hope not.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Funny Commercials and Terry Tate

And today, funny commercials: 

And more Terry Tate, office linebacker: 
Terry takes out a streaker:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Today's Topic: Enigma

What is enigmatic? What is infinite? What is real? What is surreal? I think Escher and Dali did a lot to help us (or confound us) with these questions, as did other artists. Whether it is art, or a secret algorithm machine controlled by the Nazis, every day there is something else that will confuse, surprise, astound, enlighten, or befuddle us. 
Yeah, he's pretty normal.

This is how Dali felt during the Spanish Civil War.

This woman looks like Shakespeare.

I worked on a mill just like this one time.

Apparently this is infinity. You can stop searching for it.

Convex or Concave?

This building would not pass any inspection

The original 'Enigma' machine.

Close up of the 'Enigma' machine.

Random panting having something to do with endless mirrors.

Sleep much?

Who are these people that take pictures of mirrors, part of their arm, and part of their waist?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Internet is Sucking Out Our Brains.

(Yes, the brainsucking monster represents the internet)

Ok, I've milled this over a little bit.

Turns out, the Satire Report isn't generating the same kind of interest it used to. Some of this might be because I'm not longer in college or because most college kids aren't bored enough at school to read it (assuming they are my demographic), or because I just suck at writing. Perhaps I've lost my edge (assuming I ever had an edge). It might also be because I'm not as consistent as I once was (I'm willing to bet that's a large part of it). However, the truth is, most of the people who "visited" this site, just came for the pictures. People in the internet age don't have the attention spans to read whole articles (unless you have no life like me). In fact, most of my "readers" probably stopped reading this blog post after the first sentence (I know, unfair stereotyping, but c'mon, what did you expect?)

But there is a greater risk here. Sure, you might be disappointed if I stopped doing this blog (more likely you wouldn't care either way), but I think the person I would most disappoint would be myself. Why is that? Because I am unnecessarily addicted (connected, wired, glued, take your pick) to the internet. I spend WAY too much time reading articles, posting them on facebook, changing my twitter status, watching highlights and reading articles on, checking my mail, and basically living often times vicariously through online social networking mediums. What is happening? I'll tell you what is happening. The internet is sucking the life out of me. The online world is sapping my brain juice and feeding it to either the Matrix, the Deceptocons, or Bill Nye the Science Guy (possibly all of them).
(This woman is clearly being attacked by the internet)

But I guess it wouldn't bother me so much if I were the only sufferer of this brain-sapping, life-altering plague. There are more of us online social networking, blogging, article-reading zombies! We think we shape the world around us with our tweets and article reviews, but in truth we're just doing it out of lack of creativity, invention, or willingness to do something else that is probably more worthwhile anyway (That's not to say I don't workout, go running, eat things, go to parties, hang out, read books, play sports, try to get gainful employment, etc). But I could definitely limit my internet usage. I could call an old buddy on the phone (maybe go through all my phone contacts and delete the ones that hate me, or that I will never call). I could read several books. I could get some friends together and do something crazy MORE often. I could learn a couple more Italian and Brazilian food recipes. I could go surfing more. I could work at a real job (pending me receiving an offer) more. I could bone up on my Spanish, make abstract sculptures out of scrap sheet metal, finger paint with my toes, butt and ears, or build a sailboat. All good options. Oh, and I used to write more poetry. I could get back to that.

BAM! Look at all the non-internet stuff that I can do! And you can do. As Captain Planet (the environmentalist brainwashing tool that tainted our youth) would say: "The power is YOURS!" Or as G.I. Joe would say: "Now you know. And knowing is half the battle." Or as Larry the Cable Guy would say: "Get R Done!"
(Oh Captain Planet, you've destroyed the minds of so many little children. And to little guy that says, "heart" - you were unfairly ridiculed)