Monday, August 27, 2007

The Good Life

Have you ever found yourself ridiculously early to some engagement? Or perhaps arrived several days to a week before a convention, summer camp, or college? If you answered yes, you then are probably familiar with how absolutely easy it is to get things done and entertain yourself. Oh, and of course, when all you have is Jesus-style transportation (sandals) it becomes all the more fun. Just think about how easy it is to get a job and talk to people who might lead you in the right direction when they're not around. Oh, and if that weren't enough to get you excited, imagine that your belongings are divided between a garage attic and your friend's pink frumpy dump of a house with no AC, and you have to wait while they "clean" out your new rental unit. Then, when you call people they don't answer their phones. You see, that's what makes for efficiency. Never a dull moment.