Friday, January 1, 2010

Oh, of Course.

Here are some phrases that in hindsight, may not have been necessary:

"I'm not perfect"

What? I think you are. You have never made a mistake. You a physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually flawless. They are erecting a statue of you next to the Dome of the Rock as we speak. You are so modest. Here's a video game for you:

"I don't like to lose"

That's weird. I love it. Losing is the best. It's my favorite. Winning sucks. I can't see why you don't like losing. It's so cool. Everyone loves a loser right?

"I like the smell of skunk"

Well don't we all? I mean really. Who doesn't like a good whiff of skunk? I keep one with me at all times. They make great pets. Just go to these websites: Skunksaspets, Skunk Haven or Here is the reason you're a freak.