Thursday, November 3, 2011

MOVEMBER or NOvember at all!

Movember. It is upon us.

It is that special time of year when men reaffirm their manliness, and non-men reaffirm their non-manliness, or support of men who are manly, or become manly if they are not yet already and want to become so. How do they do this?

Perhaps I can illustrate the cause best with the following photos:

Sam Elliot. I believe he just picked you up. Not just the ladies.

Isaiah Mustafa. He's on a boat, and he has a moustache. Capris. Trifecta.

Double the fun. Style points.

This transcends the word moustache.

This moustache transcends the word face.

Even Brad Pitt. That's right.

Salvador Dali is perfectly normal.

Even the ladies can do it.

Kevin Kline never looked more debonaire, and unsavorily satisfactory.

There will be moustache. There will be. Daniel Day-Lewis.

Rollie Fingers. All-time, All-Star Moustache.

Clark Gable. The moustache distracts you from the polka dots.

Errol Flynn. Better tie, less moustache.

Groucho Marx. He so funny.

Charlie Chaplin. Iconic.

Remember that Burt Reynolds guy?

San Diago. Ron Burgundy.

Lando Calrissian, the only black man in the universe...and an awesome moustache.

The greatest moustache the world has ever known. Thank you Tom Selleck.

Moral of the story: I forgot. I was lost in the awesomeness that is Tom Selleck's moustache. Oh yeah, something about Movember...