Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Celebrating Obama's first 100 days with 'Lie to Me'

While every other network is going to show Obama tooting his own horn about his first 100 days in office, Fox is keeping to their regularly scheduled programming. That is, Tim Roth's show "Lie to Me." Personally, I find 'Lie to Me' far more engaging than Obama's addresses, no matter how good a teleprompter reader he is. So, today's post is endorsing the show 'Lie to Me'. Here's the most recent episode (tonight will have a new one):

And, for all you Fox bashers out there, I think you might be able to give them some props for not cowtowing to the administration's constant requests for air time. When will the other networks man up?

PS - I couldn't help but notice that the show playing in place of Obama's address is 'Lie to Me' which is quite possibly the same you will be getting on the other networks not playing the show.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu: Run for your life!

OMG! It's the swine flu! I'm so scared. I mean I spend most of my time in Mexico rolling around in the mud with pigs and cutting deals with rural pig farmers. It's almost as bad as the West Nile virus that killed hundreds of crows across the US. But it's not quite as bad as the avian flu that killed many Chinese chickens and caused thousands to be slaughtered by the government in the worst chicken holocaust since KFC was founded.
The authorities are cracking down.

But they're having some fun too.

The swine flu is worse than AIDS. At least people got AIDS from monkeys. I mean, I know it's an ethical question that no one wants to talk about, but is it better to touch monkeys or pigs? Perhaps Michael Jackson has an answer. I like monkeys better, but that's just a personal preference. There are a lot of sick pig obsessed whack jobs out there.

I know what you're going to say. "But these people didn't get it from getting jiggy with pigs. Pigs are just genetically similar to humans and so the disease was easily communicable." I'm not buying it. Sounds like something a pig lover would say.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Being a Facebook Fan

On facebook you can be a fan of lots of things. You can be a fan of Coca-Cola, Larry Bird, the X-files, or George Washington. But you can also be a fan of things that, while ridiculous, are nonetheless important to some like cuddling, sleeping, not being on fire, and drinking beer. Currently I am a fan of these things (some of them more than others): 

So there you go. I am a fan of a lot of stuff. It seems that I should be a fan of more stuff. Like cliff-jumping, Base jumping, jumping in general, eating ritz crackers, playing catch at 8,000 feet, deli sandwiches, etc.