Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Twitter Revisited

It's almost like some big secret. No one really wants to explain it. Well, that was until I got into it. I know I mocked it before, mostly because it seemed a little odd to say the least. Twitter. The actual website is and on the site, you have a little profile like so many other social websites, with one massive exception. I know those of you who have facebook and myspace are familiar with status updates. Well, twitter is basically only status updates. You can hook it up to your phone and send a text to '40404' wherever you are and you can tell people what you're doing from one moment to the next (not that anyone really cares). But, occasionally you can plug a new website or blog and if you gain a pretty good following, you can boost the traffic there many fold. You may have noticed (those of you who are observant) that I linked twitter to my blog. That means you can keep up to date with my daily ramblings and sojourns. Lucky you. So I recommend you all go to twitter, visit my page, and become followers. The cat's out of the bag.

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