Friday, May 8, 2009

Living the Beach Life.

So I was at the beach all day yesterday so I didn't write anything. You can call it a lame excuse, but I'd call it a much needed diversion. I surfed a bit, became a sand person, had a delicious chocolate shake and sandwich, and used up an entire tank of gas in between my house and Assateague Island State Park. So all in all it was pretty friggin sweet. And yes, that is technical jargon.

To make it up to you, my readers I am posting a clip and a picture. Here you go:

This kid is real. Not a muppet, puppet, or a zombie.

It was me.


Mr Lee said...

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Anonymous said...

hello hello..hauahau o video foi muito engracado.kkkk...coitada da crianca meio estupida mas tudo bemkkkkkkkkkkk..acontece tadinha....adoro teu blog.bjs