Sunday, May 3, 2009

America Alone

Today I was sent a very interesting link to a lecture given by Mark Steyn in July of 2008. He was giving the lecture to promote his book, America Alone. I am definitely intrigued and am going to buy a copy. In the book and the lecture Mr. Steyn talks about the inevitable decline of the west and how it has been precipitated by a societal belief in not having children and as well as self-loathing in regard to core western principles (freedom of speech, democratic institutions, etc.), which are no better than any other culture's ideas (relativistic multiculturalism) and were only made possible by horrible injustice and oppressive expansionism.

Here are the five parts:

(This first part has an introduction that last 4:45, so you can skip that)


Ben Cronin said...

Except recent birth-rate figures show a significant increase for the UK and France. Steyn just wishes he was Toynbee or Spengler or one of those guys.

Michael Powers said...

But aren't those recent birth rate figures showing a higher birth rate among Muslims than non Muslims?

Michael Powers said...

This shows the birth rate issue in stark clarity: