Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Celebrating Obama's first 100 days with 'Lie to Me'

While every other network is going to show Obama tooting his own horn about his first 100 days in office, Fox is keeping to their regularly scheduled programming. That is, Tim Roth's show "Lie to Me." Personally, I find 'Lie to Me' far more engaging than Obama's addresses, no matter how good a teleprompter reader he is. So, today's post is endorsing the show 'Lie to Me'. Here's the most recent episode (tonight will have a new one):

And, for all you Fox bashers out there, I think you might be able to give them some props for not cowtowing to the administration's constant requests for air time. When will the other networks man up?

PS - I couldn't help but notice that the show playing in place of Obama's address is 'Lie to Me' which is quite possibly the same you will be getting on the other networks not playing the show.

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