Wednesday, March 11, 2009

NYPD Pizza

Whoa. Almost missed my daily blog post. Well, for those of you in the eastern or mid-western United States, I already missed it. I apologize. I was busy visiting an LDS temple open house in Draper, and then eating some delicious pesto pizza at NYPD Pizza, a place that just opened today. We made sure to make it memorable with each of us ordering our water differently. I had my water with ice and a lemon while my other mates had their waters either straight or with ice. The waitress fortunately humored us, and was well-tipped for it. Oh and she had the shiniest pen I have ever seen. She gave it to me to sign my check and it was so covered with glittery fake gem stones that I nearly died of an epileptic seizure then and there.
The pizza was delicious. I recommend it. Highly. That is all. I'm going to bed. Tomorrow's post will make up for this I promise.


Anonymous said...

Hey Michael. Where is this pizza place? Thanks.

Michael Powers said...

If you get off exit 289 on I-15, it's in a little strip mall right off the exit.