Monday, February 9, 2009

A Tribute to Funny

Ok, this show is from BBC3 called Man Stroke Woman. Some of the skits are great, and these three are prime. I quote the first one all the time when I want to communicate the itchiness of my jumpers and/or want to trivialize my emotions.

I'm also doing a social experiment and seeing what kind of random stuff I can write in between these videos.

Swiss Bacon Classic. Melancholy dwarfs. Edible chocolate friends. (Insert non-food item here)

This is more or less what will happen when I run into women who I used to date in the future.

You may be thinking, wait a second, he didn't really write anything today. This blog post seems like a cop out. And to that I would say: "You are correct."


squirrelyearl said...

Might be a cop out, but I still enjoyed it. Where's the like button?

Lydia said...

ahahahahah! Spain....