Thursday, November 6, 2008

Inducing deep thoughts and vomiting

Sometimes I wonder, "How can I best engage my readers? What polemic or ridiculousness will incite them to continue reading this? What topic will induce deep thoughts, and which will induce vomiting? Can I get both?"
I know when I look for things to read I generally like good titles. Like this one:

or this one:

Whether I strike a chord with people, or just offend them, I want them to keep reading. I want them to think. I want them to get red in the face or flustered. I want a reaction. An anemic people produce nothing great. I want people to strive for greatness. They need to be charged. They need to believe in themselves. Of course I disagree with people. Even the most similar of people disagree from time to time. But that's not the point. I just want people to think. To react. To internalize. To digest. To push for change, or to hold on to tradition. I want them to do something, or do nothing, but for a reason.
And with that, here is a funny, but irrelevant clip from a British sketch comedy show called Man Stroke Woman on BBC3.

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squirrelyearl said...

Thank you for striving to be controversial and inflammatory. Actually I know entirely what you mean as far as titles though. Drudge is a master at that I must say. So often he puts just the right title up to get me to click (of course he often finds some of the most bizarre news which I enjoy as well). I can't deny he kind of manipulates that a little bit as well. But yeah, keep up the good work.