Saturday, November 8, 2008

Honoring a great man

He was a great man. He always remembered people's birthdays. He sent thank you cards for everything. He was patient with children. He looked both ways before crossing the street. He danced in a way that was neither too provocative nor too prude. He always cleared his plate. He washed his dishes. He didn't pick his nose in public. 

He was a great man.

Yet, no one liked him. He wasn't edgy enough. He didn't cheat on his girlfriends, and he refused to tease people. His sunshiny face and bubbly demeanor even pissed off Sesame Street Characters not named Oscar. He was too perfect. He was an outcast among the Muppets, and Barney cringed when he saw him at PBS awards benefits.

He did what society asked of him, and society hated him for it. In essence he was society's b*tch. 

Good bye friend. You were one of the greatest men to ever not live.

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squirrelyearl said...

Yep, don't know what on earth to make of this...