Sunday, October 12, 2008

Good Vibrations

I'm picking up good vibrations. 

There is a weird vibration from time to time that surges through my house. It shakes the floor, the windows, and consequently me and the furniture. And, of course it can only be one thing:

Someone is tunneling under my house. And, that someone is probably a spy. Just like the British and Americans did in Berlin under the wall to listen to the Russians in East Germany, someone is listening to me. And, aside from being worried, I'm actually quite flattered. 

I think that I should pretend that I don't know the spy is there. What I will do is make delicious pastries, roast beef, throw parties, and tempt the spy to come out of hiding. I'll make references to free extra passes to Disney World, extra sky miles to that I can't use to go to Australia because I'm busy, and a new dodge viper I won that I'm going to give to a charity as a tax deduction. If the spy is sane, he or she won't be able to resist.

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Anonymous said...

"Pet Sounds" is one of the alltime great albums, one I will always associate with golden Octobers.

My own regular vibratory experiences (not that kind!) are the bells of St. Thomas the Apostle's Catholic Church (first in Ann Arbor, 1836, to tend to Irish immigrants) at the canonical hours; and the sad-scary whirring of the medevac helicopter taking people to and from the U of M Hospital (best in its region, so it gets a lot). Both of these towering institutions encompass my neighborhood.