Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lucid Dreaming

I don't know how many of you have thought about today's subject, but I know I have. I've read about it, talked about it, and lived it subconsciously. Lucid Dreaming. What is it you ask? Well, it can occur when you are in a subconscious state, most likely in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Generally, when you are in a deep sleep and are dreaming, you are not necessarily in control of your dream. A lot of times (at least for me) images, people, places, and stories unfold before you and you are the main actor, a spectator, or an extra who does some B acting.

However, lucid dreaming is the power to control your dreams. And, to be honest, I've only had limited success. It's hard to be in a subconscious state and somehow consciously tell yourself, "this is a dream, you are still in control," without waking yourself up or messing up the dream. So it is a tightrope walk. But, the cool part about it is when you are in the middle of a nightmare, fantasy, or relaxing stroll on the beach with a would be lover, you can will yourself to fly, be an awesome dancer, say the perfect line, save the world, or build a spaceship with leaves. It is a realm where you are the master.

Sleep is just as critical to survival as breathing, eating, and exercising your mind and body. Sleep allows your body to rebuild, replenish, and make sense of the conscious world. When you sleep (and sleep well, I might add) your brain is working overtime. Picture millions of construction workers taking down and putting up scaffolds, painting walls, making new rooms, organizing furniture, buying new appliances, working on the plumbing and electricity. All the while, you haven't left the house. You are watching your mind process and organize information and create new ideas. You can't take a vacation from yourself. And that is the beauty of it. Even though you are right in the thick of it, you are resting. You are only partially understanding what is going on, and are only partially in control. It is the dreamworld, and it is fascinating. With lucid dreaming however, you can gain more control, and make your dreams more productive, interesting, and perhaps solve riddles and enigmas that bug you in the conscious world. We all have potential, and I won't say that it's limitless, but is sure could be greater than we know.


Brett Jackson said...

I am a fan of lucid dreaming too. I used to do it regularly then got out of the habit. It doesn't come easy to me either. One of the main things that helps include lucid dreams is to think about it during the day. With this in mind I created my own website and created free online tools to help lucid dreamers. Creating the site helps to focus my mind on lucid dreaming and I hope to build a good sized community so we can chat about the topic too. Come and check us out if you have time at

squirrelyearl said...

I find my dreams typically go the way I want them to go. I don't consciously control them, but they're rather romanticized story book endings and things just seem to always be what I want it to be. There might be some surprise twists, but in the end I get what I want.

Anonymous said...

I love lucid dreaming but I wouldn't worry about not having success with controlling the dream. In my 20 years of lucid dreaming, I've discovered that controlling the dream is not fully possible, nor is it really the exciting part about lucid dreaming. It's great to be conscious in the dream and in awe of the creativity of the mind - and everything you can't control! Still, setting intentions to experience something in a lucid dream is a great way to use that conscious volition in the dream - just don't expect total surrender of the dream to your conscious whims!

Anonymous said...

I've been able to have lucid dreams and remember their significance in my life.

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