Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Recycle, reuse...and eat napkins

There are many things we are doing these days as a society to reuse, recycle, and whatever that other 'r' is. And each day a new method comes out. Today is one of those days. I know some of you like skim milk because it has significantly reduced fat content. I know some of you only buy organic yogurts and vegetables. I know some of you only eat lentils. Well, on another eco trend, the new substitute for butter is....yellow paper.

Don't laugh. It's true. There is now a very affordable brand of paper with a distinctly yellow shade that fits ever so nicely on your bread rolls and baked potatoes. But, that's not all. In another effort to provide people with opportunities, another useful substitution for wonder bread is...napkins. Believe it or not, but they both have the same nutritional value. And, napkins can also be substituted for iceberg lettuce in salads. Isn't that great?! We have so much to look forward to! So many options. I can't wait to sit down at the table and put a couple slices of bread in my lap and eat my napkin sandwich.

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