Sunday, June 1, 2008

Getting Mad at Inanimate Objects

So just the other day I was sitting in my living room as is my custom, when I heard slightly muffled, but certainly audible man screams coming from the room behind me. The wall could not contain the tremors and I had to go investigate. Upon opening the door to the room I saw my brother, befuddled and upset at an inanimate object. Of course it was no ordinary inanimate object. It was a microphone. A blue USB mic that he had gotten me for Christmas. It had/has been giving me trouble since he got it. Sure it records stuff, but to get even moderately mediocre sound one must crank up the volume levels on both the recording software of choice and on the computer's settings. So, when I saw him enraged by this inanimate hellish fiend I thought it was well justified.

There are many other great stories and reasons to get angry at inanimate objects. And, believe me, it makes a lot more sense than you think. You see, getting mad at inanimate objects doesn't hurt anyone. You don't break any hearts, lose sleep, or create any feuds. You generally can resolve it quickly by one or two ways: annihilate by the inanimate object by awesome force, or give it to someone you don't like. The third way is only a pipe dream: Fix the inanimate object. To be honest, if you are already yelling at it, it probably is beyond fixing.

With that said, I think another great way to get out excess energy is to make a rumpus room (remember the book 'Where the Wild Things Are'? They knew all about rumpus rooms). Fill it with glass bottles, vases, lamps and teetering furniture. Then, by the entrance, have a case full of louisville sluggers (one for each day of the week), and when you are feeling very upset, or full of energy with no other way to expend it, go to town on the inanimate objects because, you know they deserve it.


Anonymous said...

Smash some trash. I find significant catharsis in this. In this modern world of politically correctness many masculine things are being looked down upon. If you're a great competitor, hunter, and like to blow stuff up ---the military is about your only option to be rewarded for your absolutely natural inclinations. Everywhere else people would want to control that, people who don't understand the benefits and need for those people in society. And even now, as Kingsley Brown says in his book Coed Combat, the military is losing it's maleness. Anyway, as far as getting angry at inanimate objects, it can be way fun if you're making time for it. However, temper can be dangerous and very destructive and lead to regret. All the more reason to have a rumpus room, a planned outlet for that sort of thing. Sweet deal.

Michael Powers said...

Agreed. Fully.