Saturday, May 16, 2009

Good times

So I did an image search for 'good times' and here is what I got:

He's definitely having a good time. I can't say the same for the horse.

Perhaps they had some good times before this. Or maybe this is 'good times' in comparison to the rest of their lives.

Jimmy Walker always has a good time. I mean, his finger is a stick of dynamite, and there's not much better than that.

I think this is pretty accurate.

Such good times.

Good times the TV show!

Good times mean different things for different people. Different strokes.

George Clooney always has a good time.

BINGO! Oh the good times.

"I'm a weird pedo-sausage freak" good times.

Of course. A rusty old truck. What could be better times?

Magical good times.

Sick pimp mobile good times.

Multiple Santas are always a good time.

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