Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Deep Sea of Blankets

Listening to a John Mayer song the other day there was a line that talked about "swimming in a deep sea of blankets" and it got me thinking. Who would want to swim in a deep sea of blankets? 
It's right along the lines of swimming in a ball pit that is too deep when you're a little kid and not having the energy to get out. What this quite often leads to is being stepped on, kneed in the face, or never getting out. I would also equate a deep sea of blankets with being suffocated by having a Walmart bag on your head. It's just not too appealing to me.

I mean yes, I know, the lyrics of the song are supposed to make you feel smooth, sexy, comfortable, whatever, but quite honestly if you really think about it, swimming in a deep sea of blankets would be hell. I can see the initial dive being enjoyable, but then you'd be swallowed up. The blankets would wrap you up and never let go. Think about it Mr. Mayer. Do you really want that?

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Unknown said...

Alan Croft is a Belfast born deep sea scaffolder who moved to London to learn the English language and make his fortune by selling surgical wrestling boots to under privileged Mongolian immigrants. But the only job he could get was wringing out chamois’s for a one armed window cleaner. His love affair with England ended when he was given the cold shoulder by the Queen who had made tea and toast during renovation work at Windsor castle. Disillusioned following an unsuccessful 13 years of trying to teach the people of Reading, Berkshire to speak with a Belfast accent he packed up his digital alarm clock radio and headed to Canada. He now resides in Toronto and is president of the “Oy watch it club.” He spends his days writing and circumnavigating things. He is now looking for a new publisher or assistance to promote his book. You can read it at: