Monday, December 15, 2008

Questions to distract you from Holiday Stress

(This is what might happen to you if you read this)
I have decided to write a list of questions for my readers to answer. It could provide a little break and distraction from christmas shopping, finals, work, or anything else that you'd rather not do or think to much about. Here they are:

Would you rather have cold hands and warm feet or warm feet and cold hands?

Which to you like to watch more, rain or snow?

Which do you like to hear more, rain or snow?

Where is your happy place?

What time is it?

What is your favorite Christmas song?

What is your favorite Christmas singer?

Would you rather die choking on dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

How many times have you injured yourself while decorating for Christmas?

What is the capital of Uzbekistan?

Did you know that mistletoe is actually poisonous?

Have you ever eaten Santa's cookies before he got there?

What did Santa do to you when he found out you ate his cookies (ignore if you're a good kid)?

How many pairs of slippers do you own?

Have you ever found coal inside them?

Did you ever want a power wheel for 5 straight years and never get one from Santa?

Do you wish you could have snow and warm weather at the same time (If yes, then I can recommend a few cities near volcanoes)?


Ransom said...

1. Probably depends how cold and warm. I think I might have to go with warm feet, though.

2. I'd rather watch snow.

3. Snow doesn't sound like much. Let's listen to rain for a little more dynamics.

4. Inside me. Otherwise it wouldn't be mine, now, would it. (?)

5. It is Julian Date 2454816.4426 and counting.

6. "Добрий вечір тобі, пане господарю!" It's a Ukrainian carol. (But not the one you call "The" Ukrainian (Bell) Carol".

7. My partial ordering of christmas singers by preference is very poorly defined. Sorry.

8. Dark chocolate is preferable for many things, but for death by choking I'd have to stick with milk.

9. Can't think of any decorating injuries off the top of my head.

10. I want to say it's Almaty, but Wikipedia seems to think that's the largest city in Kazakhstan.

11. I'd heard something about the poisonousness of mistletoe, yes.

12. Before he got there? Santa Claus is omnipresent. Didn't you learn anything from Home Alone?

14. No house-slippers as such, but I have some sandals that sometimes do the job. Two mostly interchangeable pairs.

15. If I did find coal in my sandals, it would tend to fall out.

16. I never expected power wheels from Santa. I think I would have been thrilled to get them, though.

17. Nah. Snow's just a mess, even without the cold.

squirrelyearl said...

Yep, entirely too lazy to answer questions like that, but happy finals week!

Anonymous said...

Answering the questions I find most interesting:

1. Watch snow. No contest.
2. Listen to snow, too -- it's the softness that is beautiful, otherwordly. It still makes _some_ noise. Believe me, as a resident of both Williamstown, MA and Ann Arbor, MI, I have known the sound of snow.

3. Best carol -- "Once in Royal David's City," or "The Holly Bears a Berry."
4. Best caroller -- I will say it's the forces of Bing Crosby and David Bowie -- combined!
5. Tashkent.
6. In response to nothing in particular: I wonder if Santa ever says, "Man, this Christmas, I want someone to get ME something: bitches." Don't think the Missus would be too happy.

It is 18 F here with a windchill of 3. Good study weather.

Catie said...

Hmm...the lone feminine post. Thought I'd mix things up a bit.

1. Yes. It doesn't matter what order it goes in. My hands are always cold. As long as my feet are warm I'm good.

2. Snow is by far more interesting to watch.

3. Rain is better because you can actually hear it.

4. When I'm dancin'.

5. What *is* Time? Oh, you want a *real* answer? Fine. Okay. It's 2:00 pm MST and I *should* be

6. Oh dang. This is like trying to pick a favorite child.... Ahem! Answering the question: I'll Be Home for Christmas.

7. Frank Sinatra is the man, with Dean Martin and Bing Crosby coming in as a close 2nd and 3rd places.

8. Dark Chocolate is the healthier* alternative. But milk chocolate is softer and will melt faster. *as healthy as chocolate gets

9. Multiple times. I'm kind of a spaz. Next question.

10. Tashkent. I cheated. It ended up being educational.Consequently, I have put that on my list of places to visit in my lifetime.

11. Yes I do. What kind of message is that sending to our future generations? ;D

12. As a kid, no way. Within the past 5 years, there has been at least one cookie missing, but not enough to look suspicious.

13. I winked at him and he let me eat it. (grin)

14. Two: my regulars and a loaner pair.

15. Nope.

16. Ouch. Sounds like emotional childhood baggage. Actually yes, I secretly wanted the Barbie jeep(in any color other than pink.) I knew I would never get one, so it never even made it on my list.

17. If we could have snow on the houses, lawns and trees without the mess and clear, dry roads, then yes. For some reason, the words artificial and plastic come to mind. Not such a fan. I've had both a green Christmas and a white Christmas and I prefer a white one. It's more magical.