Saturday, October 25, 2008

Engaged people and ridiculous pronouncements

Having been through the whole "engaged thing," and having heard advice from every qualified individual I know, as well as being in a marriage prep class at school, I find it interesting how newly engaged couples (and particularly the girl) will say things like, "I've met the perfect man." Or, "How lucky I am to be married to a guy who's perfect in every way." Or something to that effect. They put those kind of phrases in their facebook statuses, paint them on their car windows, or gloat about it to their friends.

What ever happened to that very appropriate phrase that goes something like this: Before marriage keep your eyes wide open, and after marriage keep them half shut? Honestly, that euphoric puppy dog love phase can dupe you if you're not careful. You shouldn't just fall in love with your heart, and your eyes, or even just your soul. You need to fall in love with your brain too. If you think your partner is perfect already, you're probably drinking too much nyquil, or have only been in abusive relationships.

Perhaps you have met a great guy or gal. But they have faults. And, they may seem easy to overcome now because you aren't really together. You're just dating. There's no civil mandate that joins you. But, I guarantee that even the simplest of things can and will become big issues if you don't address them now. So just remember that self-induced delirium doesn't produce the best matches. Use your brain. And open your eyes. And, after that, God Bless.


jdprice said...

what's wrong dude? You sound a bit bitter in this post.

Anonymous said...

I generally agree with the opinions expressed in this post. However, some people do just the opposite. They are so intellectual about their choice of a fiance, that they only see the negatives and then conjure up potential problems. The truth is, NO ONE IS PERFECT! So what we are left with is deciding what imperfections we can tolerate, and conversely what of our own imperfections can someone else tolerate.

Michael Powers said...

Sorry if I sounded bitter. I'm not at all. I'm just pointing to one dangerous extreme. And, as the last anonymous poster said, we can over analyze as well. It goes both ways. We have to follow our mind and our heart. That's all.