Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The new ELITE

For me, those who have the most money are not elite. Those who are old are not elite. Those who are physically attractive are not elite. To be elite one must make the most sense. That does not leave out those who are not as bright, and that does not leave out the smarties either. If you make more sense than most people, you're in.

Now here's the problem: What makes sense to me might not make any sense to you. To avoid this relativistic problem, I'm going to say what makes sense to me trumps your take. Always. I think it's a good assumption.

Here's another part of it: If you make sense to me on most things you're in. Total agreement is not attainable.

I wanted to make a list of the new elite, but I don't want to get any angry letters from people who do not want to be on it or vice versa, so I'll just throw out some initials, and you can just assume they are yours (PS - this is not an all-inclusive list):

SM, BC, MM, RM, JR, EJ, RS, RM, KM, PR, LM, JD, SN, MH, JM, CP, KM and IM


Savanna said...

yay! i'm on the list!


Mark Hamilton said...

I'm glad it's not all-inclusive, because I wasn't included.

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank the academy for making your elite list... To my dad, thank you for letting me be the sarcastic well informed person that I am. Mom, thank you for accepting me the way I am (sarcastic and well informed)to Ian... Thank you for putting me on your 'Elite List' (I'm just going to asume the EJ stands for my name) I saw Scotty and Joey in there too :) So thank you, You've all been great!