Sunday, June 8, 2008

Snickers, please wait.

I'm sure you are all somewhat familiar with the snickers ads "Why Wait?" Here are some reasons to wait:

1. Snickers are not as good as milky way bars (debatable, talk amongst yourselves)
2. You might be allergic to peanuts
3. You could choke on a peanut
4. You have no idea what a 'nougat' is
5. You prefer ice cream
6. You prefer real food
6 1/2. You are going on a strict grass and sand diet
7. You think that the snickers are laughing at you and not with you (true.)
8. Swedish fish are made in Canada, and you don't really like Canadians, but you do like Swedish fish more than Snickers
9. Snickers look like wild animal scat
10. You had a traumatizing experience on Halloween as a little kid when a teenager ripped up your costume, smashed the pumpkins outside of your house, and stuffed your face full of pre-opened, tainted snickers bars
11. Even if Landon Donovan endorses snickers, the US still hasn't won a world cup (and you only eat candy bars that win world cups)
12. You mom said that if you spoil your dinner with snickers you don't get any pie.
13. Your mom has a stash of York peppermint patties somewhere, and snickers suck compared to them
14. You question why you are still reading this list, but have agreed that on some occasions you will not eat snickers
15. You will always eat snickers and do exactly what the Mars marketing group tells you to


squirrelyearl said...

Quite the list. I must say I'm a little, ummmm, what's the word I'm looking for... I don't know... Anyway, my Snickers love-fest will continue. It's a fantastic candy bar. And sure, a lot of their recent ads have been pretty awful, but the feast is not ruined. It's still a wonderful candy bar and the Milky Way is filled with nougat as well :P Besides, Snickers teaches us to be manly. Also, don't forget I'm Batman.

Anonymous said...

Milky Way bars are fine, but not as good as a Snickers. Swedish Fish are disgusting and York Peppermint patties are probably worse than that! I hate anything with mint included (except gum). I am not swayed by marketing in any way!

Anonymous said...

The snickers bar is actually very tasty. Besides all the side effects (te he he)