Thursday, May 29, 2008


Jump with me for a moment. Not up and down for no reason, but off a cliff into the abyss that is podcasting. Some of you may be very familiar with podcasting, while others may be thinking I'm talking about a new way to catch shrimp. While I'm sure there are ways to catch shrimp, or at least develop strategies to catch shrimp on podcasts, that is generally not their purpose. A podcast is a syndicated online radio show. It is published through itunes and other online audible mediums. Like a blog, it has episodes in place of posts, and updates either daily or weekly, depending on who is doing the show. Some are more frequent than others, and the topics range from finance and sports to technology and travel.

The funny thing is, I had a podcast before I made this blog. My podcast can be found at And, unlike a lot of other podcasts it ends up being around 15 minutes long on average with crazy subjects and interviews with musicians, artists and my random friends. I used to be really good about doing it weekly, but now I do it less frequently. This is in part because I'm doing another podcast called 'The Envision Podcast" for a different company. But, my own show is called The Ian McConnaughey SHOW, and you can subscribe to it on itunes. I recommend visiting the site I wrote above and clicking the subscribe button, because itunes is sketchy. That's right, SKETCHY. Anyway, I recommend you all get into podcasting. It's fun.

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