Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back in Provo

I think you need some pictures. I was on the road, blogging from my cell phone, and my camera sucks so you got what you got. Now that I'm back in P-town (not Provincetown mind you, but Provo), I have all the amenities once again. Here's the list of amazing amenities that I may or may not have taken for granted:

This example is still not as big as mine.

1. My massive front window
2. Consistent wi-fi
3. A couch where I can sit
4. My own bed
5. A shower and bathroom only steps away
6. My aesthetically pleasing house plants
7. The possibility of meeting an attractive girl (that I could actually get in a relationship with)
8. My DVD collection
9. My front porch
10. My neighbors
11. That's it.

So I'm glad to be back. In a home where I can take a breather and not have my style cramped by 5 x 8 (the size of the car's cabin). I now can see the value of an RV or larger vehicle. And now if I flirt with girls, I can actually see them after that initial interaction as opposed to leaving them in whatever podunk town they live in out in California. Yeah, Provo is good.

That's me with the big hair.


Anonymous said...

Provincetown is pretty damn cool as well. It's physically beautiful, a neat old Portuguese-English fishing village, and it's always fun (alert: irony) to be disappointed by the fact that the really beautiful girl you've just spent an hour talking to goes home with her girlfriend.

Plus, the salt air.

Michael Powers said...

I haven't been there for a while. But I do recall it being nice...and maybe I had a similar situation happen...

squirrelyearl said...

I'm envious of the consistent wifi. It's brutal here in my complex even if you do have your own router. I also like the couch where you can sit comment. Of course I personally like taking that to the extreme of a good napping couch. It's amazing how many decorative couches there are out there that aren't really meant to be sat on and are like the most uncomfortable thing ever.