Monday, June 29, 2009

Wading in the Velvet Sea

If you're wondering what I've been doing, here is the answer: I've been wading in the velvet sea. It's great. Nothing but velvet. And, I haven't been swimming, floating, or scuba diving in it. No, I have just been wading in it. You might think, "Well isn't that some metaphor for your unwillingness to commit to something?" No. I am involved in some highly committal wading. Velvet wading. It's a serious business. It's not for everyone. I mean, we're not talking water. This is velvet. Velvet shows no mercy. If you're not up to it, it can easily lull you into a coma. Not me though. I wade on, and invite you to wade with me (and Phish): 

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Anonymous said...

dude... this is one of my favorite Phish songs..