Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Indian Curry: A Cautionary Tale

Indian food is delicious. There is no denying that. They use so many colors, spices, types of fruits, meats, vegetables, and breads it makes every bite a unique sensation. However, there are drawbacks. Indian curry, when put in highly concentrated quantities often is something that should be admired from a distance rather than consumed.
Yes, I speak from experience. Indian curry is great. I love it. But it doesn't always show me the same good will and affection. Lamb Vindaloo sounds innocuous enough, but it fooled me. Teary eyes and regular visits to my friend lou are common if the curry is particularly strong and concentrated, and if I was manly enough (read dumb enough) to eat it all. 
So, I guess this is a warning. Maybe not just against curry, but against many foods you may love, but may not love you in return. Love's not always a two way street. Especially with curry.

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