Monday, April 6, 2009

A Day in Pictures

So today I'm not writing a blog post. I'm painting a strange mosaic with unrelated and ridiculous pictures. Some are funny, some are just sick. Enjoy.
This walrus is ashamed. Clearly he's overweight.

My only friend.

This makes more sense than you know.

A good friend of mine

I never saw it coming. Came out of nowhere.

G.I. Joe!

I did.

Oh Silly Hans, you're so silly. 

This is what the Yankees do to people


He's an erudite ape.

Drunken pony rider

Drunken bulldog who happens to wear Calvin Klein


This is how to walk a dog. Not lazy at all.

This is definitely not lazy.



What a handsome face

A real man's man.


Reminds me of a buddy of mine.

George Clinton, your hair is awesome. And, your awesome is hair.


If you don't get this watch Dune. This is friggin' hilarious.

I hope my children make podcasts.

Aww. Corn dogs are so cute.

He's having so much fun.


squirrelyearl said...

The GI Joe one killed me. Good work.

Garrett said...

My favorites:

Bread. Butter. Cheese. Psychotic look.

Spice kitten

Uruk-hai babysitter

Anonymous said...

It takes a "special" kind of mentality to post these "special" pictures! You will always be "SPECIAL" to me.