Saturday, March 7, 2009

Zesty Zestful Zestiness

Many of you, at one time or another, have used or at least seen the word zesty. Well I decided to do an image search for pictures that were in some way associated with zestiness, zest, or the word zesty. The results contained a lot of sauces and food items, but also some more random things. But, just so we're clear, here is the definition of zesty:

Inflected Form(s):
zest·i·er; zest·i·est
: having or characterized by zest : appealingly piquant or lively — zest·i·ly \-tə-lē\ adverb

You know it's a good word when it's definition contains the root word. "Having or characterized by zest." Wow. Thanks for telling me absolutely nothing I don't already know. You should be ashamed Merriam-Webster. Or, maybe you're telling us something deeper. Perhaps the best word to explain zesty is zest. It is the hermeneutical circle. You can only know zesty if you know or have zest. I knew it!

Air Jordan Zest. So zesty.

Rotisserie flavor, honeysuckle white, boneless, and zesty? Wow.

Clearly one of the more zesty tree climbers. Or perhaps he climbed up there to retrieve that zesty something from the branch.

Delicious. I love beetroot. And zesty oranges. They read my mind.

These chairs are oozing with zest.

I do have special needs. And zest for men fulfills those needs.

I'm hoping they send me some money after you buy their product. Sing with me now: "You're not fully clean until you're zestfully clean!" 

Yeah, you want to buy a pair. Nike Zest baby.

Naturopathica? Are you serious? 

Oh, I've had these before. Definitely zesty.

This is the Zest band. You know they're good.

This is the world's zestiest snorkeler.

Zest overload. Zestiest kitten ever. He's ready to make a chimichanga with zest.

I don't have the heart to tell him he's not zesty. 

Apparently this car is called the zest. I think the lady driving it would agree.

6 pounds and 11 ounces of cheese zest. The parrot loves it.

What could be better than zesty hot sausage?

Clearly a very zesty goat.

Japanime never disappoints. Keeping it zesty.

Apparently these kids love zest. I know I want to buy some.

Probably the zestiest Scotty Dog I have ever seen: