Thursday, July 31, 2008


One thing that I've always found interesting: Every woman wants to go to Paris.  It is like the world's Mecca for women to go to find themselves. I've had a lot of my lady friends go there recently. And, I have nothing against the city, but I get very skeptical about its mystique and amazingness when almost every ridiculously overt and entirely unmitigated and trusting endorsement comes from the mouths of women. And, generally they call it wonderful and exciting before they even set foot there.

The truth is, Paris is kinda cool, but very dirty. There are great museums, shops, gardens (but you can find that in other parts of France minus the filth, sleaze, and weirdness). I just think we should broaden our horizons a bit. Women need to stop letting their fantasies control them. Paris is the metrosexual son of King Priam without cajones that started the Trojan war by kidnapping Helen. Paris is the daughter of the Hiltons who has no taste or class, and no intelligence. Almost all the cities named after Paris in the US suck (like Paris Idaho). And Paris in France is only a little better than all those aforementioned Parises.  

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Anonymous said...

I guess that's why they say that beauty is in the eye's of the beholder.

Michael Powers said...

I realize I am over the top in my critique. I do that a lot.

Travis Brinton said...

While I can't pass final judgment on the city, never having been, I did a little reading on the subject while I was in DC and compiled the following list of things that DC shares with Paris:
1) Designed around an L-shaped central mall
2) A "flat" city--that is, ordinances restrict the height of the buildings
3) Home to one of the world's largest Gothic cathedrals
4) Home to a building that held the title of world's tallest in the late 19th century
5) The skyline's most noticeable features are said tower and a domed building (check out that photo of Paris on the blog--doesn't it look strangely similar?)
6) The streets are laid out in a grid intersected by diagonally-running boulevards
7) Home to some of the world's best museums and performance venues
8) Designed by a Frenchman
9) Located on a major river spanned by multiple-arched bridges
10) National capital
11) Major tourist destination
And of course I could go on. Before traveling to Europe to pay a horrible exchange rate in a city whose language you don't understand (and if you do, they'll probably despise you for having an accent), why not check out Washington?