Friday, July 18, 2008

Need Somebody to Love?

I've heard from time to time, "I like people who like me."  And, it's never made more sense to me than now.  For years I've watched others chase girls and guys to no avail.  I've been one of those that chased as well.  But I've come to the conclusion that it's all a matter of timing.  If I like somebody, but they like somebody else, it's probably not going to work.  In the same way, if I don't like that same somebody, and all of a sudden they like me, it's too little too late.  What needs to happen is a convergence.  The liker and the likee need to be interested at round about the same time for anything to come of it.  That brings us back to the protective clause: "I like people who like me."  It works.

However, some people are stupid.  This should come as no surprise.  People we like are not necessarily people we will love, or even like, in the future. However, some people tend to think that if they are liked it's like a curse that can only be cured by them being a complete jerk to the person who likes them, by leading them on, or treating them like trash.  Then, of course the liker feels bad, but tries hard anyway, fails, and gets burned.  Then the person who didn't like the person all of a sudden gets a conscience and realizes they were stupid and turn around and like the liker.  Or they don't.  Either way, it's dumb. Games are not worth it.  Life is too short.

But here's something that I've come across in recent weeks that irks me.  I guess this might be where the maxim doesn't hold true.  I have been writing my blog, working, doing my thang, and every now and then I get anonymous love letters or weird off-color notes.  Now, if they were from girls that'd be fine.  But they're not. Gay guys are making passes at me online. And, I am not gay.  Not even a little. And, while I suppose it's nice to be flattered, I want to crush any hope that these deviants will ever have.  I don't play for your team.  I never will.  Get the #$%! away from me.


squirrelyearl said...

I guess that kind of ruins your maxim of "I like people who like me." Maybe it needs to be rephrased into "I like people who both I want to like me and who like me."

Michael Powers said...

Every rule has its exception.