Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Blue Planet: California Gateway

I know you have all felt it at some moment in your life. It is the call to explore. The call to be something greater than yourself. The call of the wild. The call of the ocean. And, for some their is a divine call. But, for the purpose of this post I would like to talk about the call of the deep blue life source. The ocean. The blue planet.

Several months ago I was milling around in land-locked Utah caged by mountains and desert. But my mind was on the coast. The rolling hills. The cheap, yet authentic Mexican food. The boardshops with real surfers and people who actually know what they are talking about and aren't just wearing Rusty and Billabong to look cool. The sand beneath my toes. The palm trees swaying in the light afternoon breeze. Flipper's brethren beckoning me with weird chirps and clicks. It was all there. That's when I decided once again, for the second time this year, to go on a surf trip. And, after some good collaboration and planning, I'm once again back in the fatherland: California.

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