Sunday, December 6, 2009

Toilet Communication

Here is your thought for the day (whatever day you end up reading this):

Is it kosher to talk to someone on the phone while doing your business in the bathroom?

I am going to say yes, as long as you are not in a public restroom, and as long as you don't alternate hands while speaking. However, some of you may disagree. But then again, maybe many others of you have done it, felt ashamed, but ultimately agree. Or, perhaps you're one of the unabashed bathroom multi-taskers that doesn't see this as an issue because you regularly answer the phone naked, in a towel, or doing something ridiculously non-conducive to phone conversation (I'll let you use your imagination, because hey, you need to do some mental gymnastics).
Here are the pros and cons:

Pro: You can have an uninterrupted conversation while still getting things done.
Con: You could drop your phone in the toilet
Pro: Maybe you're at your wittiest while stewing on the porcelain throne.
Con: The person on the other end might ask you why they just heard a flushing sound.
Pro: The person on the other end might be doing the same thing.
Con: Unsanitary things could happen.
Pro: Unsanitary things are going to happen, but you might as well share the moment.
Con: People that you don't know that well will judge you because you have done/do it.

Make your decision.

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