Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday/Winter Terminology

Here is a short list of holiday/winter terms:

When the month of December turns out to be fairly acceptable = Decentber

A failed final = flinal (next act: become fluincindal)

Freakin cold temperature = frold, freegid, frigzin (comments that follow are generally muffled and between clenched teeth)

Non-edible brownies = brown rocks, fossilized dino droppings, brown slab, aka petrified crap (questions that follow: Why did you bring this to my party? Do you hate me? Is your Dad a dentist?)

Flamboyant reindeer = Reiheyheyndeer (You've all seen them)

And here's a prediction that you can take to the bank:

Team that will dominant the Lakers on Christmas Day = Celtics

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