Sunday, October 5, 2008

Obama's Youth Movement

Who wants proof that Obama's youth groups are brainwashed into thinking he's the next savior? 
This video shows how ridiculous it has become.  And here's another one.

The kids believe that they will only achieve because of Obama, not because of their own abilities, or their own opportunities as citizens of the United States. Don't get me wrong, Obama's quick rise can inspire, but it should also be taken with a grain of salt. What are his motivations? Why are so many so willing to jump into his proverbial tank? 

Do I think he's the Savior of Mankind? Or the Savior of this nation? Hardly. His constantly evolving image does more to dissuade me of his ability to be above partisan politics than it does to reassure me. 

Here are some things to consider:

1. He is a freshman Senator who has been running for President all of his first three years into a six year term.

2. He has zero foreign policy experience.

3. He has neither authored nor co-authored any substantial piece of legislation.

4. He has reached across the aisle to get things done only 17% of the time.

5. He has written two books about himself and his ideas (one an autobiography) with very ambiguous and misleading information regarding his past, his family, and his upbringing.

6. He wants to prescribe universal healthcare (revolutionizing vs. reforming=dangerous and impractical).

7. He supports massive government spending during a time of economic instability.

8. He has ties to corrupt Chicago fundraisers (Rezko), former-revolutionaries (Ayers), and his his main mentor according to his own words is his former pastor Jeremiah Wright (Marxist/black power), who he will not disavow.

9. He paints our military in a negative light calling it antagonistic, murdering innocents, being irresponsible in its duties, neglecting to point out its successes and good work.
10. He is a master of spin.

Those are some things to think about. I could make a list for McCain too, but it wouldn't be nearly as long, or as disconcerting.


Anonymous said...

Actually, a McCain list would be far more damning, but I hae two hours to read three hundred pages, so I can't swat down all the BS here.

Suffice it to say, with the race-baiting and smears, your side is getting desperate.

And trusting the GOP for four more years -- talk about naive!

Michael Powers said...

It would be great if the my concerns were just smears, but his associations matter, and the fact that he refuses to disavow his "mentor" just solidifies my belief that he condones Wright's philosophy.

It's not race-baiting. All of the things I listed are legitimate concerns that should be answered rather than "BS."

Wright is a Marxist-black supremacist who hates America. Rezko has been convicted of numerous crimes. Ayers did deplorable things against American interests in the 60s.

And yes, McCain messed up with the Keating Five, but you'd have a hard time connecting him to hate-filled Marxist preachers. In fact he is not all cozied up to the religious right as I recall...having called them "agents of intolerance."

Naive is to believe that McCain is like voting in the Bush GOP. He's been far left of his party for years, and is far more centrist than Obama. Obama is a wolf in sheep's clothing, claiming bipartisanship with one side of his mouth, while eschewing it with the other.

Why should trusting the Democratic party been any better? What has the democratic congress done in the past 2 years to show me that I should allow them more say in government? Just because I'm dissatisfied with GOP doesn't make me all of the sudden satisfied with the democrats.

Young at Heart said...

While neither candidate is a saving grace for this country I would have to pick the lesser of two evils and side with Obama. While McCain has interesting points, his economic recovery plan is or will be just as expensive as Obama's plan. According to the economist, considering Bush's tax plan stay in place past 2010, McCain's tax cuts would increase the deficit by another 758 Billion dollars. Obama's tax increases conservaties claims Obama's possible tax increase will stifle growth yet Clinton's 1993 tax increase did nothing of the sort. In fact, the 90s saw one of the biggest technological booms this country had ever seen. While Obama's health care while also insanely expensive steers toward the right direction of universal health care. Rather however instead of a full run government system Obama should rather looked toward the dutch system which allows a co-operation on private and public health coverage. Also a patient bill of rights is most absurdly needed. In terms or experience while Obama is no prize fighter, Palin is no picnic. In fact if anything, Palin has less experience. At least Obama as Joe who has had years of experience in Foreign relations and can advise Obama and is far more centrist. The most Palin has ever seen is Russia from her back yard. In respect to her running the largest state in the Union, while large geographically, it is no where near like running California, New York or even Texas for that matter. 2 years in office hardly counts for experience. Let's see her try to run California (which truly is the largest state in the Union - both in population and GDP) with massive corruption, and a record deficit and then we'll see about me opening me up to her. Might I add with McCain's age and health, Palin is one heart beat away from office, and if there is anything even more scary, if Obama is as left as it gets, Palin would the be polar opposite. Both are the last thing this country needs. In any respect, either president has his work cut out for him and people are realizing, not just the young, the era of conservative - supply side economics - have come to an end, and a New Deal (Keynesian economics) is needed for the people. Government needs to regain it's trust of the people and work with the economy. Neither can survive without each other. Government now needs to help Wall Street regain capital. This is the case and that's not socialism, that's pragmatism and while McCain's plan seems good, deeper research shows his economics may cause more damage than good in the long run.

P.S. Sorry the comment is so long.

Michael Powers said...

I read the same article in the economist, but Obama is not the lesser of two evils in my mind, and whereas Palin may be just as right as Obama is left, she is not in a position of power as a VP. Biden, while he can soften the ticket with more moderation, only is moderate when it comes to military things, and is equally unable to moderate Obama as Palin is to affect McCain.

On another note, I think McCain knows pretty well that even if he were to win, his tax cut proposals are unlikely to pass in congress. So, while he claims the tax cuts for political expediency, pragmatically he knows he won't get them, and if that is the case, he saves more tax payer funds than Obama.

Either way, both candidates are economically inept, and a new deal would fail just as complete deregulation would. There needs to be a careful balance. And I honestly don't trust that the government will come up with that balance, given its history and the lobbying interests that run it on both sides.