Sunday, October 5, 2008

Leggo my EGO

Ego. It has been drawn to my attention recently that it's good. But conditionally good. Because, apparently it's also bad. Conditionally bad. It depends on its focus. Ego can be used in the most typical sense (as a self serving ideal) or, as an outward self-promoting selflessness.

So, if one surrenders his ego to his fellow man he wins. However, if he surrenders his eggo to his fellow man, he loses. Hence, "Leggo my eggo" is a critical thing to remember (and entirely irrelevant). However, ego must be shared to be refined. If you are to grow as a individual in a stable way, you must make yourself vulnerable. You must leave your figurative waffle on the counter smothered in delicious syrup, and if you're really confident, ring the dinner bell. 

Here's an example:

I think I'm friggin' awesome at ping pong because I practice everyday and have never lost (this is obviously purely hypothetical). So, if I am to use my ego for good, I would challenge whoever whenever, not fearing a loss, being willing to submit to failure to improve. If I am a typical egotist I will not challenge all people, but only those that I can believe I can beat. If I am open to all challengers, I help teach those I beat, and learn from those I lose to. If I am closed to those better than me, and only open to those I deem worse, I will stagnate in my ability, and my ego will actually decline comparatively.

So here's my ego/eggo. Have at it:

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