Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am Victorious.

VICTORY! Well, for now at least. Here's the breakdown of my day.

7:00am - Woke up
7:30am - Woke up
8:00am - Woke up (for real)
8:02am - Wanted to take a shower but couldn't, someone was in there
8:05am - Dressed and finished French shower (smelling like roses, but still being as filthy as the Seine River)
8:06-8:45am - Intermittent reading for 9 o'clock class, as well as reading of todays news and eating random stuff and halloween candy
8:45am - Walked to class
9:00am - Got to class just as the bell rang
9:00am-9:50am - Tried to stay awake in class. Started off great for the first 10 minutes (Being close to the front didn't help)
10:00isham - Got home with intention to nap until noon, but got distracted by life
10:45am-12:05pm - Sort of napped, yelled at a showering brother listening to Phish, put on headphones and listened to ambient sounds and the ocean.
12:06pm - Ate some ham, cheese and spinach tortilla sandwiches. Washed them down with milk
12:35pm - nowish - Wrote a ridiculously long paper for a class midterm with interruptions (friends, emails, facebook, this blog, etc.)

Current Time: 5:48pm - VICTORY. Well, for now.

Homework left to do: Shoot myself.

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Anonymous said...

Ah the 'French Shower'. That has saved me on numerous amounts of occassions!