Friday, September 26, 2008

Mac vs. PC

Apple has fooled us all. And we like it.

The whole mac vs. PC thing is stupid. Let me just start with that. An Apple computer can do anything a PC can and vice versa. Sure, mac has a better advertising strategy, and managed to successfully brand themselves as something different than 95% of the computer industry, but the line is fading. Apple stores charge exorbitant sums for hardware, software, and limits what kind of products and services their affiliate can provide. And, their computers really are not any more reliable. I speak from first hand experience.

Just Tuesday, as I was typing a message on someone's Facebook wall my browser started having a seizure. So, I tried to force quit the browser, except, I couldn't. The whole computer then became irresponsive. So I shut it off. Upon rebooting, the screen went gray, and then instead of showing me profiles and asking for a password, I saw a blinking folder icon with a question mark. What I discovered is that this indicates one of three things:

a) your computer's operating system is not functioning properly
b) your computer cannot locate your hard drive
c) your hard drive has malfunctioned, been corrupted (ie: Armageddon)

So I got my tech savvy room mate to help, to no avail. I then asked the on-campus IT people to help, and they claimed they couldn't help with a personal computer (PC), - even though its a mac - so I brought it to an Apple affiliate to run a diagnostic knowing full well that I may lose all my files in a worst case scenario. In a best case scenario, it is just a software glitch, my drive's ok, and so are my files.

But my point is this: Apple computers are not impervious to failure like so many loyal mac people think. They overheat, breakdown, have software errors, and yes, they can even have viruses. And, they cost more. But still, I think they are good computers. I would not discourage anyone from buying one, just as I wouldn't discourage anyone from buying a PC. Just get whatever is the best bang for your buck. Cheap, reliable, etc. You know your criteria.


Jarvie said...

So i checked this post out thinking that it would just be a typical apple fan boy rant and I was surprised to see a even headed approach to the whole thing. Not to say i didn't think you had it in you but I'm just so used to apple people.
Good points on both sides.
One step forward to world peace.
By the way your link on twitter is incorrect.

Michael Powers said...

I knew I'd draw you in with this post.

Anonymous said...

Your right that macs can have problems too... but in my experience they have fewer... and are usually easier to fix when they do.

squirrelyearl said...

It's true that a PC can do most things that the average person would want to do just as well as a Mac. But a Mac does still have an edge in a lot of graphics processing (which most of us will never bother with), is a bit more user friendly (although I can't deny the argument that it's not necessarily the most user friendly to those that haven't been using a Mac for forever), and are typically a bit more reliable. But at the end of the day, you're right, some of just get hosed on our luck. Sorry that had to be you. If you ever have any further problems, let me know. I'm by no means an expert, but I'm reasonably handy and I always have my father as a resource (and coming from personal experience, he's a fantastic resource when it comes to Macs).

Michael Powers said...

Fortunately I also have a very tech savvy father and I've already sent him my faulty hard drive to see what can be salvaged.