Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Listening to the beautiful Muzak....

I know you all love waiting for customer service people on the phone. That lovely classical music or smooth jazz just makes you giddy. Well I am going to release the names of certain companies that have longer than usual wait times, so you get your fill of muzak.

One company that lets me wait for as long as I want, and then some, is  Those blessed souls on average let me listen to anywhere from 7-10 tracks of beautiful muzak.

Another very considerate service that lets me listen to classical music is Brigham Young University's Financial Office.  They tell you an approximate wait time, and then (bless them) they extend it by two or three times the approximation.

Now one company that has a very short wait time, hardly ever letting me hear the first track all the way through, is my bank.  Chevy Chase is quick, and the lip service and real people on the other end are disconcertingly non-muzak-like.  

So, that is my observation today.  Feel free to add to the list.


Anonymous said...

The IRS provides significant amount of time. Sometimes you will be held long enough to cycle through their few classical tracks.

Adobe Customer Service is outsourced which can be an interesting experience, waiting is significant

Michael Powers said...

Yeah...I guess those classical tracks are there to make you calm and less POed when you finally get through, but I find they just exacerbate things.