Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Now, from what I gather the whole internet social networking thing, is sort of "a big deal, " which brings with it a whole new world of relations and terminology. One such fun new acronym is best described as someone who adds you as a facebook friend, only to dump you and then re-add you just to keep tabs. These are the Fickle Facebook Friends, or, 'FFF' if you like. I know you all have at one point or another had something like that happen to you, be it on myspace, facebook, orkut or whatever. However, given that facebook is the most legimate of the network sites, being safest, and least whore-like when it comes to advertising and ownership, the new terminology comes from it. Don't bother remembering FFF's birthdays...they're just using you.

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SarahLee said...

hmmm well i'm not familiar with FFF syndrome, but i'll be sure to be on the look-out. :)