Monday, July 9, 2007

Age Gap and Relationships

Is there anything wrong with a young twenty-something dating a mid-thirty-something? Should we balk so much when a sixty year old man marries a girl just out of highschool? Such profound questions bring to mind the taboo and hot topics of debate that have lingered for centuries. Does appearance matter? Well, many, and most would say it does. However, is it really our place to judge, and thereby demolish the happiness of others?

Honestly who cares if there is an age gap, or a fat gap, or even a tooth gap. Love is love. We should not seek to tear down a good thing. As I have said before, let's try the lace before leather, and try to love people across the board. Don't get me wrong, we don't have to love everyone's decisions. However, we can love them and wish them the best. Of course it's a ridiculously hard task, especially when that old guy's after shave smells like yak and the skin over his knees resembles an elephant rump, but still, we must make an effort. I mean, at least if it doesn't work out, you can sell him to a taxidermist.


Unknown said...

No. There's nothing wrong with that. for me age doesn't matter at is what matters most.

Anonymous said...

" is what matters most." WRONG! Love is one of the considerations. What if the woman is 52 and the guy is 25 and they want to have children? That's just one example... age difference doesn't necessarily make love impossible, but I think commonalities are important.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to have children to enjoy love or have it. Of course commonalities are important, and when you have enough you have love. Age is a small part of a much larger puzzle.