Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Today's Topic: Enigma

What is enigmatic? What is infinite? What is real? What is surreal? I think Escher and Dali did a lot to help us (or confound us) with these questions, as did other artists. Whether it is art, or a secret algorithm machine controlled by the Nazis, every day there is something else that will confuse, surprise, astound, enlighten, or befuddle us. 
Yeah, he's pretty normal.

This is how Dali felt during the Spanish Civil War.

This woman looks like Shakespeare.

I worked on a mill just like this one time.

Apparently this is infinity. You can stop searching for it.

Convex or Concave?

This building would not pass any inspection

The original 'Enigma' machine.

Close up of the 'Enigma' machine.

Random panting having something to do with endless mirrors.

Sleep much?

Who are these people that take pictures of mirrors, part of their arm, and part of their waist?

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