Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Brownies and Girl Scouts

So brownies. They're delicious. Gooey, chocolately, flakey. And, on top of it all, their name is so ingenious it makes one wonder how someone ever could have come up with it. Brownies? Now why on earth would you call a little sheet of chocolate heaven brownies? It boggles my mind. I just don't get it. And on that same vein why are little girls scouts called brownies? And, are they anywhere near as delicious?

Speaking of girl scouts and brownies, how about girl scout cookies? I'm pretty sure girl scout cookies were made to give us hope that heaven exists, and they're sold on street corners by little girls wearing green sashes. We got the whole angel concept entirely wrong. Angels aren't wearing white robes with wings, they're wearing girl scout uniforms. And, I know everyone has their favorite cookie. Mine are thin mints. Frozen thin mints and milk. Can't get much better.

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