Thursday, May 1, 2008

Rock my Twittering socks sicko

Two phrases that I see on facebook statuses that are stupid and make no sense: 'Twittering' and 'Rock my socks'.

Let's start with twittering. Twittering is something I am pretty sure only birds or fairies do. So if you're not a bird or a fairy, you probably shouldn't be twittering. Maybe you haven't seen this status on facebook, but I have a few podcaster friends who put it up all the time. But, it's not as if twittering serves any purpose. This is how it's generally written: "Ho Chi Min is twittering: I left my iron on my shirt and now it's burnt." That's stupid. I really do not know what else to say about it.

Now for 'Rock my socks.' First off, I don't want to send the wrong message. I like rocks, and I do like a nice new pair of socks. However, there has yet to be any event in my life that has 'rocked my socks.' It sounds like it would have to be some erotic foot fantasy involving high voltage AC/DC and cotton tube sock love. And, unfortunately I have not yet had the pleasure. There are so many other phrases that make sense and are better. Let's use them like: Blow my mind (among other things), or, instead of twittering, Joe is deliberating, or is not a bird and therefore cannot twitter, but if he were it would sound quite mannish and funny. Food for thought.

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