Monday, May 5, 2008

Hillary and Barack: Get 'R Done.

To be honest I don't really want to write this. And, I'm sorry I have to put you through more of the same. Well, perhaps I can shake the monkeys in this barrel one more time just to placate the system and appease divine justice. I am of course speaking of Hillary and Barack. They are just the most fun thing to watch since Mork and Mindy. They jab at one another, question each other's legitimacy, ride in the back of red pick up trucks, kiss babies, look amicable and somehow still remain the most divisive enemies. It's just so much fun. And by 'fun' I mean not fun. It's code.

Hillary is a wench. Barack is a panderer (not to be confused with Panda bear, although that would be funny). Think of it, the first woman President and the first Panda bear President. It would do wonders for conservation and Chinese relations. But on another note they blather on like people actually care. And, from the polls it seems that some people do.

At this point I know a lot of people who just want them to figure it out and stop wasting our time. Seriously, I would like to read the news without some stupid report about Hillary's new crush on Rush Limbaugh or Obama's pastor bringing about a new black Nazi movement. They both are not qualified to run the country, with little to no executive experience, and they think the biggest way to solve our problems is to expand the size and scope of government without bringing efficiency and accountability. Therefore, anything they say to me at least is hogwash. Or perhaps, worse, like the beard policy at BYU. And I will have none of it. Just tell them to shut up and get on with the whole 'General Election' thing. McCain's got it in the bag. Now they just need to pick whether it's going to be the wanna be Latina who hates NAFTA or the milk chocolate yuppie who appeals to Hollywood and Oprah.


Anonymous said...

The good news is that they are doing more damage to the democrat's and to each other, than any republican could ever do! Really, the absurdity of the whole thing is magnificent.

Yes, there is that whole "not qualified" problem. Really, the Senate is not a training ground for the office of President. Yes, they both spend time in Washington D.C. but what is needed is administrative experience.

In my opinion, Mitt Romney was the most qualified for the job. Hmmm, didn't he quit fairly early on for the benefit of the Republican party?

Anonymous said...

At least John McCain can be relied on to say crazy shit and oversee bloody occupation(s) of Middle Eastern countries -- what more could you ask for from a President?

Anonymous said...

.....speaking of crazy shit......?