Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Whale Watching

Humor me for a moment. Close your eyes. Imagine you are on a wharf overlooking Plymouth Bay in Massachusetts. The water is a deep azure blue and the sun shimmers on each little wave's cap. The smell of dead clams and sunscreen hovers over the scene. Then you see it, your boat comes chuggin in from Cape Cod, a pristine Whale Watching boat, steaming all the way to you, eager and filling the air behind it with smoke and leaving swells that lap the wooden dock. Of course you are excited, you're going to watch whales. For 3 hours. And you paid for it.

Well after you go out, get sun-burned, watch some whales swim, breach and flop around while munching on a tuna sandwich for 3 realize it was a fun trip, but not one you're liable to repeat any time soon.

The whales put on a show for you. Or did they? Maybe they were just minding their own business and think it's funny that all these pasty-white humans in tevas and sporting over-sized turtle shell sunglasses 'oo' and 'ah' when they take a breath and eat.

Imagine if they did the same to us.

1 comment:

SarahLee said...

tevas? ewww... CHACOS are where it's at!

and you know how i feel about the subject of whale watching, so I do not feel the need to comment at length on it. "marine biologists." That's all I'm sayin... ")